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Moments After The Formation Of SWAT, See What These Officers Are Spotted Holding In The Street

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Barely 24hrs after the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force, Adamu Muhammad announced a new unit to replace the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad, there has been mixed reactions from Nigerians.


Adamu Muhammad announced that, henceforth, all SARS Officers would be absorbed into SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactical) team after they must have gone through the regorous training and mental evaluation.

As Nigerians have continued to access the possibility of the new unit, not to be another SARS in disquse, some officers of the Nigeria police were spotted in the street with a very sophisticated weapon.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

An official of the force could be seen holding some dangerous weapons as he hanged it around his body. Some of them include AK 47 which he held on his right hand, a cutlass, knife and some weapons which we cannot identify.

This bring us to the question if they are going for a war in the north east or the weapons are for the civilians.

I think the IGP got it all wrong with the manner in which he is approaching the situation. Nigerians at this moment do not need haste implementation, they need something they can hold onto.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

I believe the step is to create a new unit, train and proper evaluate officers which they promised to do.

They also should investigate erring officers and cases gathered from reports which they agreed to do.

Nigerian should also retreat for a week and see if there’s improvement. Reforms don’t happen overnight.


What do you think about this?

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