MOST READ: Rev Fr Mbaka Opens Up On Alleged Fake Prophecy About Anambra Election


Rev. Father Mbaka the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu state South- East Nigeria, has clears air on the viral audiotape making rounds on social media linking him to what appears to be a fake prophecy.

It can be recalled that few days ago, an audiotape surface the internet with a revelation said to have released by the clergy man, Mbaka was heard in the audiotape as saying God did not chose Charles Solodu to be governor in Anambra state, stating that Solodu will not win the election.


In October this year the Nigerian catholic priest, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka says God has not told him that anybody is going to be the Governor of Anambra State.

According to Politics Nigeria Mews Mbaka made this known in a video posted on his known Facebook page @Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria- AMEN


Nigerians have reacted to the viral audiotape as many labeled the man of God with different names while others conclude that he is a fake prophet.

However, Mbaka said the audiotape making rouds on internet is an old prophecy which really came to pass.

According to Igbere TV News Rev Father Mbaka clears the air on Monday in a statement he released indicating that he (Mbaka) has not in any instant make prophecy about the 2021 Anambra governorshipb election.


Father Mbaka in his note as quoted by Ignere TV News said that ” Dear Adorers, there is a particular audio flying around where Fr. Mbaka was heard saying that the Heavenly Hosts had rejected Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo in an election.


” When I inquired further about this audio, I was meant to know that it was released in 2013 election when Soludo was up against Willie Obiano who was Peter Obi’ s candidate. That actually means that Fr. Mbaka’ s prophecy came true in that particular election.

But in this year’ s election, Fr. Mbaka never chose any particular candidate to win. ”


” Dear friends please be very careful of how you open your mouth wide to condemn what you don’ t understand. In the area of criticism, one has to be sure of what is being criticized so as to know what exactly to say and not to say. ”

People are condemning Fr. Mbaka on that particular audio, asking him whether ” Ndi Eluigwe” as he mentioned in that audio can change.

From all indications and facts Father Mbaka never made any revelation about the 2021 Anambra governorship election, the alleged bital audiotape is an outdated prophecy as such the public should disregard it and never link it to the recent election been conducted.

Meanwhile, Professor Charles Solodu is not yet declared winner of the Anambra state governorship election as INEC already announced that the election is inconclusive, however Solodu leads with a landslide victory as he has won 18 out of the 20 local government areas earliear declared by the electoral commission.


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