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My Mother In Law Disrespected Me And Chased Me Out Of My Husband’s Home Because I Came From A Humble Background

A woman coming from a humble background and is married to a man from a rich family is usually
hard to cope. Most of them usually view you as a gold digger when in real sence your only
intentions is to love and cherish your husband.

I was married to a man named Luka for about 5 years and during this period, his family
disrepected me and called me names because I came from a very humble family,we could not even
afford to eat every meal in a day.

We had to skip a day or two or at times even a week. My mother in law together with my husband’s sisters did not allow any money to come from my husband’s pocket to help out my parents. They would insult me everytime I tried to ask for money to do my hair. For them they viewed me as a burden to their son. Luka however was a mama’s boy whatever she said goes.

One day I got a phone call from my mother that my dad had been hospitalized and was very sick.
They had no other means of paying for my father’s hospital bills and buy his medicine and so I
decided to ask Luka for help, luckily he agreed to it he covered my dad bill and bought him all
the drugs he needed.

I was hoping that he never mentioned any or this to the mother but sadly he did call her that
evening to inform her like every other mama boy does. The mother wasn’t so happy with what he
did she instead came by to our place that evening so angry and started insulting me saying, We
took you in,housed you ,fed you and clothed you but you are still not satisfied,you still want to
extort money from my son,you parents are your responsibility. The next thing I knew I was
thrown out of the house at night.

I went back to my family, Luka on the other hand never bothered to look for me and so I decided
to set up a small hotel to be able to support my family months later. The busines wasn’t going so
well and so I decided to a friend of mine who advised me to go see Doctor Mugwenu for my
business to be boosted. He gave me directions to his workshop.

The following morning, I went to see him he then gave me a branch like herb tied with a piece of
cloth and instructed me to put it at the counter of my hotel. I went back home and did as
instructed. Two days later, I started receiving so many customers,my hotel was filled with people
the moment its opened. Months later I saved up enough money to and this time opened a

I am now an independent woman with my own money.Luka came to learn of my prosperity and tried to get back together with me but I refused. Thanks to Doctor Mugwenu I can now be able to take care of my family and my parents.

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