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Mother shot dead in front of young son during a road rage incident (See Photos)

A mother was shot dead during a road rage incident while teaching her son to drive.

Tracy Smith, a 46-year-old sergeant with the Wisconsin State Department of Corrections, was murdered in Milwaukee last Friday, August 30, during a driving lesson with her 17-year-old son.

According to authorities, an unnamed 35-year-old driver shot Smith dead after a “minor” traffic accident which was reportedly caused by the other driver. After the crash, Smith got out of her car to talk to the driver, but he allegedly took out a gun then fatally shot her.

Police said the 17-year-old tried to save his mother’s live and rushed her to the hospital, but she later died.

Sherri Luckett, Smith’s younger sister told TMJ4: “That was a real weak man move to sit there and shoot a lady in front of her son. What was she supposed to do? Sit there in the car hoping he fled the scene?”

Smith’s father, Ollie Luckett, told WISN: “I don’t know what to say, but I know one thing, the way my daughter lost her life. It isn’t right. It ain’t right.”

Luckett blamed his daughter’s death on reckless driving and road rage.

He said: “You know how it is on these streets. You probably ride it. You know how these people are acting. It’s ridiculous. My daughter shouldn’t have lost her life like that.”

The alleged shooter reportedly fled, but police found and arrested him on Monday. He is in police custody awaiting formal charges but his identity has not been released.

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