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“Movement With My Billionaire Family”- Junior Pope Says As He Meets With E- money And Other Billionaires In An Event [PHOTOS]

It’ s more like a new start for most celebrities since we began the new year. There has been a new trend of celebrities attending events together or meeting with each other over there.

They tend to recognize themselves and exchange pleasantries, take nice photos and roll together. The fun of attending events is meeting with people and identifying with them, especially well known personalities and people that have a solid stand in the society.

Well, this article centres on the event where Junior Pope was seeing exchanging a handshake with the popular Nigerian billionaire and businessman known as E- money.

It is obvious that they met at an important event because the whole place is filled with crowd. The wife of Junior Pope was also seen exchanging some sort of greetings with E- money, after which she went ahead to greet E- money’ s wife and took some snapshots with her.

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Its indeed a movement of the billionaire from what we can see in the video which Junior Pope uploaded some minutes ago on his official Instagram page. In his words, he said and I quote ” movement with my billionaire family, Jah’ s people” .

E- money, Ned Okonkwo, splendid furnitures and other important personalities were present at the event. Looking at the photos, you would know that they are all really having great fun and having a very nice time. Everyone has smiles written all over their faces. Junior Pope on his part, is actually enjoying the moment so well.

Junior Pope is a popular Nigerian actor who has entertained us in so many ways. His movies are always the talk of the town because, he exhumes a great talent which makes directors and producers always want to work him.

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Junior Pope does not need to read a script twice before mastering it. He is such a great actor who has graced our television screens severally. The young actor is married and has been blessed with three sons. His wife is also at the event with him while they catch fun in an extraordinary way with the other billionaires.


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