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“M@sturbation Is A Sin, Please Stop It!” – Lady Warns

lady identified as Queen Preshiii has just taken to her social handle, Twitter, to warn people concerned that the act of masturbation is a big sin.

In the course of the dialogue, I have a few points of discussions as;

1.What is masturbation?

2.Why do people masturbate?

  1. How is it a sin – does it appear in the Holy Bible or Holy Quran that it’s a sin?

  2. Any health or scientific effect of practising masturbation?

What is masturbation?

Masturbation is actually a way of playing or fumbling with one’s most sensitive or erotic parts of the body, either as a male or female to get almost equally the same feeling as when mating with the opposite gender. In doing this, the practitioner of the act visualizes the presence of a lady or man she admires and brings into act as if present with him or her, according to some experts description. Another and the most easier way is for people to watch blue films or view an almost 100% body revealing pictures to perpetuate their acts to satisfy their sensual pleasure or urge.

Why do people masturbate?

Actually, human bodies and animals’ inclusive, have been created to have urges and feelings, especially towards an opposite gender. Of course, this was intentional by God, as a boost to helping the power of procreation. Before humans and animals can produce they must mate and before they mate, they should havan e urge, otherwise, it won’t be done willingly or enjoyingly.

Most people masturbate because of the following reasons:

When they are lonely and their mates are not available
When the opposite gender refuses their proposal. There was a case of a boy in America who died and the cause of his death was several times of masturbation, as the autopsy revealed. He had a girl he was a friend to, and after he was shunned by her in a phone conversation went to his room to start masturbating.

How is masturbation a sin, since it’s not found in the Bible or Quran?

Our beliefs right from the ages time is that anything that is not written in the law of God as good or bad may not be taken seriously. For example, there’s is a clear commandment on:

You shall not steal
You shall not tell lies (bear false witness)
You shall not kill
You shall not commit adultery or fornication, to mention only a few.

Here are clear statements in the Bible of what we must not do. Nothing as ‘You shall not masturbate.

Maybe it’s on this note that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome once reportedly said that ‘Masturbation is not a sin’, and that only fornication and adultery are.

Any health effects of masturbation?

Well, this might be a very difficult question to answer in recent times, as there have been different schools of thought on the health effects of masturbation. While say it’s beneficial, believing that it helps to relieve stress as one releases some toxic (harmful) enzymes out of the body. Another school of thought had argued that it causes loss of weight and useful proteins in the body.

However, this is a very crucial that the society does not need to shy away from, and the lady who posted that masturbation is a sin, although she didn’t actually mention what made it so, maybe right or wrong; but I believe many experts are reading this who could help throw more light into the confusing topic.


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