Muhammadu Buhari Requests For Authorisation To Spend N 5. 2 Billion On Mechanical Installations And Electricity


President Muhammadu Buhari is requesting authorisation from the National Assembly to spend N5. 2 billion in 2022 on the repair of an unspecified number of electrical and mechanical installations, according to reports. His proposed national budget projection, which he submitted to the joint chambers of the federal lawmakers in October, includes this figure as well. This is a normal maintenance procedure that is performed every year.

Many people believe that the proposal is unreasonable. In the year 2021, a total of N3. 854 billion was set aside for this purpose.

When this publication published its article, it stated that, if the National Assembly approved the budget, the President would utilize N21. 97 billion to construct the presidential wing at the state house medical center, which would be a 14- bed facility, in the same year. Aside from that, the presidency intends to spend additional N104. 86 million on the upkeep of the Villa’ s office buildings, according to the budget.

Some civil society organizations claim that the vast majority of the budget forecasts are entirely speculative and inappropriate. They anticipate that the parliamentarians, who are renowned for rubber- stamping the majority of presidential demands, will reduce the astronomical estimates and eliminate those that are not absolutely necessary. However, this is highly unlikely. ” This decision is a waste of time for a government that habitually allows medical practitioners to go on strike under the pretext of a shortage of resources, and for a President who routinely engages in medical tourism. ”

It is more effective if it is directed toward the overall health of the people. Save this vote, ” Barrister Eze Onyekpere, convenor of the Citizens Wealth Platform, said in a statement.

In a similar vein, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is proposing to spend N2. 5 billion on the construction of a new administrative building.

There has been a violation of the federal government’ s 2022 budget call circular, which was previously announced on August 19, 2021.


According to the call circular, Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) are not to initiate new projects unless they can demonstrate that adequate provisions have been made for ongoing projects. Additionally, the projects must be designed so that they will be completed no later than 2024, according to the call circular. The argument is that the complex does not meet the requirements for any of the parameters listed.

Ministerial departments and agencies were instructed to give top priority to ongoing projects, particularly those that were close to completion and fit with the government’ s present priorities, when allocating capital budget resources. Meanwhile, the Agriculture Ministry plans to spend N1. 3 billion on the provision of potable water in rural communities across the country’ s six geo- political zones, according to a press release.


As is customary, the estimate is broad and does not include specific places, a condition that many believe might easily lead to waste of public resources. Moreover, despite the fact that the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation is located in Ilorin, Kwara State, and is entirely committed to agricultural mechanisation, the ministry is proposing to spend N705. 86 million on support, promotion, and development of agricultural mechanization.

According to public experts, the projected excesses in the proposed budget must be reduced in order for the government to concentrate on its developmental aims and priorities. They anticipate that the National Assembly will make changes to the erroneous estimations. It is proposed that retained revenue of N10. 13 trillion (including grants and the revenues of 63 government- owned enterprises) be retained, which is 24. 8 percent more than the retained revenue of N8. 12 trillion proposed in the revised budget for 2021, and that a deficit of N6. 26 trillion be incurred, which represents 3. 39 percent of GDP (GDP).


Many estimate that the government can save approximately N5 trillion in the fiscal year 2022 if it maintains financial discipline. Barrister Onyekpere asserted that universal health coverage will be impossible to achieve without a universal and compulsory health insurance program to provide the necessary funding for it. According to him, ” as a result of this, the National Assembly, working in partnership with state legislatures, should make health insurance mandatory and universal. ”

In a statement on Thursday, President Muhammadu Buhari announced that the sum of N644. 3 million would be spent on food and refreshment in the State House in 2019. In addition, he has set aside N76. 6 million for the payment of residential rent in the Palace of Justice for the fiscal year 2022. All of these are contained in the N16. 39 trillion 2022 Appropriation Bill, which was submitted to the joint session of the National Assembly on Thursday by President Muhammadu Buhari.


According to a breakdown of the budget, N24. 83 billion was set aside for the President’ s State House activities and N1. 18 billion was set aside for the Vice President’ s office. The rent at the State House accounted for N66. 6 million in revenue last year. During the previous administrations, the State House rent was a permanent fixture in the annual financial allocation, and the Buhari administration has maintained the arrangement despite the fact that it has been described as a dubious item.

Ripples Nigeria has previously claimed that between 2015 and 2020, residential rent payments in Aso Rock accounted for N400. 1 million in total. Approximately N135. 66 million was allocated to the State House headquarters for refreshments and lunches, while approximately N30. 65 million and N20. 26 million were set aside for the President and Vice President’ s operations at the seat of power, respectively.


President Muhammadu Buhari was allocated N301. 13 million for the procurement of foodstuffs and catering materials, while Vice President Ibrahim Babangida was allocated N156. 66 million.



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