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Muslim Committed To Read Bible For 6 Months, Said He Would Follow Jesus If His Life Changed


I was born into a Muslim family. I was a footballer (soccer player) growing up; that was my life. I was more committed to my friends than my family, but these friends taught me a lot of bad things. Because of this, I lived a life of fighting and became very confrontational with my parents. I was very undisciplined and lived like a street boy.

At this point in life, I moved with some of my friends to attend a boarding school. We lived in a government dormitory. Even in this boarding school, my friends were unruly. One of them was kicked out due to his behavior. I was threatened to be expelled also, but somehow I was able to behave well enough to stay in school.

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At the end of the school year, I went to meet with my friend who had been kicked out. To my surprise, he had totally changed. I admired his changes and desired them myself. When I told him that, he shared with me that he had accepted Jesus as his Savior. He told me I should do the same.

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This was a big decision because I knew if I became a Christian my parents would disown me. So, I thought to myself, let me test this. I will make a 6 month commitment to read the Bible and if my life starts to change, I will surrender my life to Jesus. If not, I will return to Islam.

Truly, my life started to change. I was no longer argumentative with my parents and showed them respect. I accepted Jesus as my Savior in 2011. My parents were actually happy I had become a Christian because it brought joy and happiness to our family. My grandmother even commented that I am the best grandchild she has ever had!

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Now, I am working diligently to share Jesus and several groups have formed. Please pray for me as I evangelize my own people, the Yao tribe. As a people group, we are very scattered and I have found very few so far who are interested in Jesus.

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