Muslim Lady Replies Man Who Asked If She Would Convert To Christianity If He Married Her

True beauty is not something that requires you to expose your body out in the open for all to see before they realize how beautiful you truly are. This is something many ladies fail to realize, hence the rampant show for racy and indecent pictures out there in the society and most especially on social media.

Earlier today, a lady sparked a lot of reaction on the social media platform TwitterNG after she posted a picture of herself in a hijab. The picture got people talking as they confessed to her beauty even though she was fully covered. That shows you how much decency can radiate beauty across everyone even though they say ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

While everyone was talking about how beautiful she is, one man asked her a very interesting question. He asked if she would convert to Christianity if he married her and her response was admirable.

Many people would have answered this question in a very rude and disrespectful manner but this lady didn’t. She showed that she’s not only beautiful, she is a woman with morals and virtue. A good Muslim woman.
See Her Response;

“I don’t discriminate, but I can never. I love mine”.

This is probably the best reply she could’ve given as she rejects the offer. She acknowledged that she does not discriminate people because of their religious beliefs but she cannot leave her own religion.

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