This Muslim Man Went To Church To Pick Things From His Brother, But Came Back As Christian.

Religion is a big acknowledgement to lots of people, people value and understand their own religion in their own way, but yet, many still have questions about their own religion left unanswered, and because of this many have left for their own religion of the other seeking for the truth.

A young man named Khamisi who is from a very strong muslim background, having seven brothers and sisters turned from his muslim religion to christianity, after his father had made sure that the young man and his siblings attend muslim classes weekly but all to no avail.

According to Khamisihe said that his dad was was strick bringing them up in muslim religion, as he explained to African Enterprise (AE) on an interview, he also revealed that his family only allows a single religion which is Islam.

His father died when he was just 10 years old and since then the whole family have faced a lot of challenges, especially in finance, on the interview bhe also revealed that his mum and siblings worked very hard to keep the family going, “Poverty was a part of us”he said.

On their way for survival the mom then had a chance to explore Christianity.


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