“He Must Be Jailed,” See What This Man Was Caught Doing To Her Adult Maid Cos Of A Piece Of Meat

It is quite disheartening the way people treat others because they are much more privileged than them. I think it’s high time the South Africa government must toughen its law against violence against domestic workers. These individuals are our brothers and sisters and we must treat them with love, not as slaves.

This came following a trending video of a young man who was seen seriously maltreating the lady they employed as mad. According to the clip, the lady was ordered to kneel on the ground and afterward commanded to lie on the floor.

The woman was obedient enough as there is no much option left for her. The shameless employer started beating her with a strong belt why querying why she must take the only remaining meat left for the wife. The chubby girl was heard begging never to repeat such again but he continued the whipping.

What that guy did was wrong and shouldn’t go unpunished cos it’s a crime against the right of a woman. I personally want to call for his arrest.

What’s your take on this?

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