Must Read: 5 Actions That Should Be Avoided To Prevent Knee Pain


Knee discomfort is a frequent health problem among the elderly. With ageing, the muscles that surround the elastic cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in our joints stiffen, lose suppleness, and become more prone to injury and strain.

However, if this condition begins to trouble you at a young age, the cause might be your poor living choices. More and more young individuals are complaining about knee discomfort, which is usually caused by a sedentary lifestyle or poor sitting or standing posture.

In this post, we will discuss five uncomfortable positions that should be avoided in order to keep your knees healthy.


Keeping your knees locked out

Most people have the tendency of locking their knees and standing tense while standing. Stop doing this immediately away if you want to keep your knees healthy and avoid problems. Locking your knee bones compresses the cartilage and puts undue strain on your ligaments. This causes knee discomfort by stretching and spraining your ligaments. Maintain a natural posture and keep your knees relaxed at all times. Your knees should be slightly bent so that the muscles surrounding the knee can offer stability and support.

Crossing your legs when sitting

Sitting with your legs crossed is the most common cause of gradual knee discomfort. Men and women who have the habit of sitting with their legs tucked one above the other complain about knee discomfort. Crossing your legs, resting one ankle on top of the other, or sitting with your ankles crossed puts extra strain on your knees. For individuals who already have knee problems, sitting in this position for an extended period of time might aggravate the disease.


Prolonged kneeling should be avoided.

Kneeling or remaining in a posture with your knees bent for an extended period of time can put strain on your joints, ligaments, and muscles.

When you kneel on a hard surface, the strain on your cartilage and bones surrounding your knees rises. Try not to stay in this posture for too long. Those with knee issues or arthritis should avoid this position at all costs.


Sitting in the wrong chair

If you must sit in the same posture for an extended period of time while working, make sure the chair you are using is comfortable and at the proper height. Sitting on furniture that is too high or too low may add to your agony and aggravate your knee pain. Keeping your body in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time makes it difficult for your knees to maintain balance and stability.

Putting on worn- out shoes

Yes, the shoes you wear might also contribute to knee discomfort. Wearing out or uncomfortable shoes can cause imbalance and put strain on your joints. This has the potential to cause joint discomfort and muscular strain.


The wearing of high heels on a daily basis may potentially be a contributing factor to your knee issues. Wear shoes that are comfy and cushioned, and that can support your knees and ankles.


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