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MUST READ: Anambra State Government Must Clarify These Issues Before Election- (DETAILS WITHIN)


As Anambra state prepares for the governorship elections scheduled for November 6, one problem that has been on the minds of every concerned citizen is the safety of the state’ s citizens and residents, particularly in the state’ s urban areas.

Anambra citizens have been killed and their properties have been destroyed as a result of deadly attacks by unidentified gunmen in the state in recent months. These attacks have resulted in the deaths of citizens and the destruction of their properties.

The most recent was the horrible murder of Dr Chike Akunyili, a well- respected Anambra son and the widower of the late Professor Dora Akunyili, who was killed in broad daylight.

Because of the threat of ESN gunmen, who have threatened to unleash mayhem in the state, residents have been unable to sleep with their eyes closed for a long time, and there has been some skepticism about the electoral body’ s and state government’ s ability to organize the elections properly and safely.


In response, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, announced that the Federal Government (FG) was considering imposing a state of emergency in the state in order to securely conduct the elections and to ensure the safety of the electorate.

Don Adinuba, the commissioner of information for the state of Anambra, has, on the other hand, categorically condemned the proposal, describing it as outrageous.

Between now and November 6, 2021, there are three problems that the state must clarify and take into consideration as citizens prepare to elect a new federal administration.

Over the past few weeks, the mystery gunmen and IPOB have successfully declared and executed a sit- at- home order in the state, as well as persecuted innocent individuals who rejected the order and went out to resume their businesses. Given that the Gunmen have seized control of a large portion of the state, how prepared is the state to fight such activities and also ensure the safety of voters during the elections?


The IPOB and gunmen operating in the Idemili North and Idemili South areas of the country were recently revealed by a member of the House of Representatives from Idemili North and Idemili South in Nigeria’ s National Assembly, Obinna Chidoka, who represents the area in the National Assembly. Specifically, he stated that the gunmen targeted political party logoed vehicles as well as well- known politicians and that they were successful. In light of this information, can the government of Anambra state honestly demonstrate that the state is secure enough for election observers and also for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to transport poll materials from one location to another?

Be truthful Obinna Chidoka also admitted that, at the moment, politicians from the state are afraid to return home because they are afraid of being attacked by the gunmen who have taken over the state. Who will turn out to vote if the politicians are not present on the ground to conduct and motivate their supporters during the elections? Will there not be another round of orders urging Anambra residents to stay at home and enjoy a meal inspired by nature?


These are the important concerns that the state must evaluate in light of the fact that it has rejected the federal government’ s proposal to proclaim a state of emergency solely for the purpose of holding the elections.

An official state of emergency cannot be ruled out in a jurisdiction where one has been formed, and this can be noticed when the state authority fails to protect human life, property, and democratic order in a given jurisdiction.

It is not enough to compare Anambra to other states in the northeast because the state is about to conduct a significant election and will require all of the safety and security assistance available. .

If the state is able to properly handle these difficulties and questions, there will be no need for the state to declare a state of emergency.


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