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MUST READ: Bandits In Extreme Hunger As Zamfara Government Place Ban On Food Supply


(Governor Of Zamfara State)

The suffering has worsened especially with the current military onslaught against the criminals and the ban on supply fuel, food stuff and other items.

The state Governor Bello Matawalle stated this while answering questions from newsmen at the Government house, Gusau

Seventeenth of September marks two weeks since the suspension of telecommunication services in zamfara to enable security operatives carryout a military operation against bandits.


A few days before the suspension of communication services, the state government banned the sale of Petrol products in jerrycans, closed all Weekly and roadside Markets and restricted movement.

Governor Bello Matawalle said, these measures became necessary even though it has impacted hard on the people and the economy.

According to him, the intense military fire on the Bandits and food shortage in their camps has now forced them to resort to eating raw okro plants and other raw farm produce to survive.


The government said the new security measures is the best as insecurity worsens in zamfara

The development on the other hand has affected the economy and social life of the people.

While commending the efforts of journalists for prompt desimination of information despite lack of internet facilities, the governor frowned at the attitude of some social media handlers who are promoting the activities of bandits and their collaborators.

He enjoined journalists to be security concious especially while traveling in and out of the state to file in their reports.

Governor said the state government will make provision for journalists in the state to filling their stories on daily basis without going to neighboring states before communication services is restored.


He adds that some of the bandits are relocating to other states as zamfara is no more safe for criminals.

Residents of zamfara now await to see if communication services will be restored at the end of the completion of the two week suspension.

What do you think? Do you think the ban on food supply is a good course of action? Please do drop your comments in the comments section below.


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