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Must Read: Consequences Of Dumping Your Guy Because He Is Broke Is Deadly

No one decides his own parent before birth nor does one choose his own destiny before coming to this world.

There are some people who are born into rich family but goes on to become poor in future due to some reasons beyond their control.

The same thing goes to those born poor, some of them gets.t9 become millionaires and billionaires in future with the perfect example being Elon Musk, a South African currently living in the US.

Well here is a sad story of a lady who faked her own death just to dump her poor boyfriend but later had to regret her actions as the poor guy she dumped became a wealthy man in life a few years after she dumped him.

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This is a lesson to all my fellow ladies out there. Let us protect ,stay and help our boyfriend’s or lovers instead of dumping them for the rich guys.

This story is about an anonymous lady and her story reads;

“Hi auntie Susie. Please keep me anonymous. So I dated this guy last year but he was always broke. He was loving and had a good heart but his financial status was too bad. I didn’t know how to dump him, so I faked my own death. I WhatsApp’d him pretending to be my cousin using my phone and told him I was dead.

I asked him only 50 people would be allowed to come to my funeral because of government regulations, so only family members. After that I blocked him everywhere.

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I have a fake account that I use to stalk people and luckily we have no mutual friends, so I’ve been monitoring his posts. He was really hurt after my death and mourned me. He posted about me for months after my death.

Lately I noticed things are going well for him. He got a job and seems like he’s earning well. I want to go back to him but don’t know how because he thinks I’m dead. Please give me ideas. I love my man.”


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