Must Read How A Woman Gave Birth To 69 Children

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Childrens they say are blessings not just for the mother nor the father but for the world at large. They are several families fighting day and night for the blessings of motherhood but end up not having any but that was the case for Valentina Vassilyeva, and she holds the Guinness World Record for the most children ever.

According to the history she had gone through pregnancy 27 times before her death at the age of 76 years old. Her family lived in the 1700s, between 1707-1782.

The woman went through 27 labors: 16 of them resulted in twins, 7 in triplets, and 4 in quadruplets, this brings the total to 69 children of which she lost 2 at infancy.

From sources, it was discovered that she spent 0-40 years of her age in birthing and conceptions.

A lot of persons have come to disagree with the claim but recent scientific discoveries has proven everything to be true.

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