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MUST READ! ! ! Northern Governor Sends IMPORTANT MESSAGE To Southern Governors Over 2023 Presidency


Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje has sent an important message to Southern Governors as they continue to be at logger heads with Northern Governors over the 2023 Presidential elections.

Ganduje stated during an interview with Vanguard that Governors had no business in deciding were the presidency should be zones but instead that responsibility was meant for Political Parties.


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Ganduje said: ” Like I have been saying, the constitution has not mentioned that power should shift from North to South. But it has been a tradition in the country to have power zoning. And this zoning is a strategy by a political party. Each party has to develop a strategy on how to win election. If you think power shift will bring you votes to win elections, you have not offended the constitution. If you think you can retain leadership of this country forever and win election, the constitution is not offended.


So I thought this issue should be left to political parties to resolve. Not we as governors to have two opposing groups. That is important” .

In other news, controversial Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has continued his advocacy for Bandits stating that they are capable of changing their ways. He stated thatone third of the amount spent in trying to kill the bandits will be better used in enlightening them.


Gumi said that, ” The bandits also have empathy as we have; they have families, children. The first step is to use psychology on them. They aired their grievances and are ready to change. They should be respected and should be given all the human rights everybody has. Some are suggesting killing them. All because they are killing. For three year’ s you have spent $1 billion, and now you need another $1 billion. But, I said one- third of that will enlighten them, and they will stop killing. Have you tried it? Nobody tried it” .


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