MUST READ: See This List Of States PDP May Lose To APC In 2023 General Election


Some states may lose to the People’ s Democratic Party in the next general election. Recent events in the states have revealed the party’ s fate. Although the PDP currently rules the states, it is difficult for the PDP to maintain power in those states.

The PDP may not be able to maintain long- term control of Ebonyi State’ s power. All progressive conventions may be held in the Southeastern states. Although the PDP won the state of Ebonyi, it is now clear that the state is leaning towards the APC.

This is simple for the PDP, but the fact that Governor Dave Umahi left the party is a significant setback for the party. Typically, every governor wants his allies to succeed him. Umahi will then want someone he can rely on to take his place.

He cannot be expected to work for a PDP candidate while he is a member of the APC. As a result, he will fully support any candidates proposed by his new political party (APC). In short, the PDP may be unable to retain power in the state of Ebonyi.


The River State is the second state where the PDP may fail to retain power. The first reason is that Mr. Nyesom Wike’ s four- year term is coming to an end. Yes, the governor cannot be re- elected for a third term under the country’ s 1999 constitution. If Wike does not participate in the game, the game can be won by anyone. The incumbent’ s alleged power or influence simply does not exist.

The second reason is that the current minister’ s former governor will not allow the PDP to seize Rivers State for the third time. Yes, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi is the owner of the Rivers State APC’ s largest political office. He is in charge of leading the party to victory.

The APC was hampered by internal issues, preventing it from nominating candidates to run in the election. The same thing will not happen in the next governor’ s race. The Minister hopes to lead the APC to victory in Rivers State.


The PDP may not be able to keep Bauchi State. Keeping Bala Muhammad’ s job may be a difficult task. One specific event could cause problems for the PDP in the Northeast.

Mr. Yakubu Dogara, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, has defected from the PDP to the APC. And he played a role in the PDP’ s and Bala Mohammed’ s victory in the state governor election. Yakubu Dogara’ s absence may prevent the PDP from retaining Bauchi State in 2023.


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