MUST READ! See Why Gov Uzodinma Condemned The Burning Of Houses By Soldiers In Awonmanma


It’ s no longer news that the activities of criminal elements in the southeast particularly Imo State have created a no- needed tension for the residents in the State and this challenge has become a source of concern for a number of Nigerians.

The criminal elements as referred to as unknown gunmen have been wreaking havoc on security facilities and its agents deployed to the State and it has heightened the tension for many people in the state.

The security challenge in Imo State appeared to have taken a new shape following the event where a member of the Nigerian army was killed by gunmen in Awonmanma in Oru East LGA of Imo State. In the military reaction to the incident, it was gathered that the Nigerian army allegedly destroy houses, shops and vehicles in Awonmanma community where their member’ s life was taken by the yet unknown gunmen.

Meanwhile, the Executive Governor of Imo State, Hope Uzodinma has expressed his dismay over the action of the Nigerian army after burning down houses and other properties.

Many would ask why the Governor chose to condemn the action of the soldiers, going forward we shall discuss why the Governor condemned the decision of the soldiers to burn down houses and other properties.

As the saying goes, two wrongs don’ t make a right

Although we may say that the killing of the army officer by the criminal elements in Rivers State is a criminal offence that required justice to prevail but the Imo State Governor is of the view that two wrongs don’ t always make a right and the soldiers shouldn’ t have destroyed properties of residents of Awonmanma in Oru East LGA in the State as many of the residents are innocent of the killing of the Soldier.

It would have been the best decision if the security agents direct efforts toward fishing out the perpetrators of the crime and brought them to face the penalty of the crime they committed.

The burning of houses and other things affect many innocent people who know nothing about the action of the gunmen.

The immediate response of the Imo State Governor has shown that he does not condone anything that would bring problems to the state.


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