MUST READ: Why Talking In Person And Online Are So Different?

We’ve all been there, in that awkward moment when we meet someone we’ve been chatting with in person. The level of awkwardness indeed differs based on personality types.

Where some thrive in face-to-face interactions, others shut down the moment they have to take the conversation offline. On the latter scale, there’s a high possibility that these types are introverts. Online, they become anything you want them to be – chatty, funny, silly, and confident.

While they love being who they believe you want them to be online, they fear you won’t like them as much offline. That’s one fear among many. But we’re not dealing with the fear right now but the difference.

The major difference is that offline there are more factors involved in communication that written words. The body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and voice inflection speak louder than words. Whereas, online you can’t convey this message properly. Your message could also be misunderstood easily without the tone and inflection in place. But thank God for emojis right?

Now people apply the use of emojis to help convey their meaning. However, let’s be real here, we lie with emojis. Even when things aren’t funny you send a LOL or a smiley emoji, even when you haven’t read the message or watch a video. We’re all liars online so it’s no surprise we like to hide behind our devices. We can easily detach ourselves from a situation where a face-to-face interaction doesn’t allow room for.

An offline conversation also takes a level of skill. Many #BBNaija viewers have become fans of Laycon. One of the reasons being that he’s a skilled cooperationist. Beyond the Erica addiction, Laycon speaks and we listen. There aren’t many who have this ability to be on the spot and to make sense. We feel vulnerable to judgment and would rather keep the conversation online.

In summary, talking online and talking in person is different because 90% of our communication is non-verbal. Even though we have the emojis, we still tend to hide behind them and lie through them. Thank God for video calls and voice notes. But let’s be real, even those have become tools of deception. You see someone calling you on a video call and either ignore and quickly throw on a wig even if say na garri you dey soak at that point.

Lies my people! All lies!

Despite that, online conversations are my go-to tool of communication, and this is coming from an introvert. What about you? Which do you prefer?


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