Must Read: Why Men Find It Difficult To Cry

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Men have generally grown up with the ideology that expressing emotions likens them to weaklings. They are the less emotional sex who have learned to bottle up their emotions in order to be the stable ones. While the society does play a huge part in this, the root of the problem can be traced to the home.

Growing up, boys are often told by their fathers to “Man up”. Then at school they most likely get told by older pairs to stop being a “Cry baby”. Men also get to learn from their pairs that “Big boys don’t cry.”

So, the problem here is not singularly the society but a whole lot of factors. Most men eventually end up in relationships where they can’t express their true emotions. They are so used to bottling it all up so they can appear “macho” and tough.

Inasmuch as we are aware that ladies like to feel protected and secure around men, it doesn’t mean men should suffer through it all. Men are human and they need to express their emotions like humans do.

Even ‘Jesus wept’ so what should stop a man from weeping when he wants to? How else would he express that hurt, frustration, or depression he feels? Statistics have it that more men than woman commit suicide. This doesn’t come as a surprise since women tend to talk things out or cry when they need to. Men shouldn’t have to suffer because they were born men.

The freedom to express emotions makes you emotionally self-aware, and this is one thing men lack. They often feel with their head instead of their hearts. They think thoughts like, “What would she think of me if I cry?” rather than just express how they feel at that point in time.

Before they are aware of it, they build up walls around their emotions. A whole lot of questions are probably whirling through your mind but all the answers you need are right here – at least majority.

Thankfully things have evolved in the 21st century. Many now see tears as proof that a man is sensitive and humble. More women are drawn to a man who is not afraid to express his emotions.

However, there are still some ladies who want a man without the tears. They want a man to be the rock in the midst of the storm. These disparities only imply that humans are different, and while you can’t satisfy some, you can the others. You can’t please everyone after all.

What do you think?

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