MUST READ! Why Peter Obi Has High Advantage Of Being PDP Flagbearer As Senate Insists On Direct Primaries


The news that the Nigerian Senate has edited the Electoral Act to make it mandatory for political parties to use direct primaries to elect their presidential candidate stunned many Nigerians.

According to Nairametrics, this suggests that the earlier practice of indirect primaries, which was essentially a political jamboree designed for the highest bidder, may have been phased out. According to some observers, this will widen the democratic space and maybe strengthen internal democratic procedures inside the parties.


This recent Electoral Act reform is likely to have come as a huge comfort to Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State and a potential candidate in the People Democratic Party presidential primary election.


What does this mean for Obi’ s chances in the 2023 election?

The new system will help him because party godfathers can no longer hijack primary election, and there won’ t be election malpractices.


Before it was nearly impossible for those who were not much popular or influential in the party to emerge as flagbearers from the system.

Under the indirect primary system, people like Peter Obi, who are brilliant, are frequently overlooked.


However, under the direct primary system, Obi has a chance because there will now be transparency in the party primaries.


One method Obi can use this new rule to his advantage is to mobilize millions of his followers across the country to participate in the ongoing PDP e- registration and receive their party membership cards.

Because it will no longer be about how influential you are, but how good you are in the eyes of the primary voters. This is the best chance for Peter Obi to emerge as the PDP’ s flagbearer.

Do you think Obi has a better chance now? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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  • Despite this could be a plus to the political gladiator but The unfortunate thing is that many people are not even members of any political party because of loss of interest in the past. However, for person like me who happen to be a FAN to the political ambition of PETER OBI I will actually hasten to join the political platform in which Obi will be coming under if the MEMBERSHIP CARD so called will be made accessible to the Nigerian population which should be another huddle for Obi to cross knowing he has the grassroot support, His goal now will be to map out strategy to make the process of registeration for party membership to be transparent and accessible. He should also guard against allowing his political opponents in the party to make the process uneasy which could be another line of making the process futile to achieving transparent result. Kudos for the passage of the new law another area of massive interest is in the area of electronic transmission of election results.

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