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“She Must Be Suspended? See What A Woman Did To A Fellow Student Despite Please To Let Her Go

Academic can be said to be a place where learners come together in a class to be taught by professional teachers whose responsibility is to impact knowledge. There are things every South Africa student is excepted from while on educational premises. They are expected to pay proper attention to their tutors, concentrate more on their studies, ask valuable questions as to when due, make friends especially with those with the same in life, etc.

However, it’s unfortunate that some of our leaders nowadays seem to be distracted by other things which don’t add value to their academic success. Now instances of a fight, quarrel even among themselves are believed to be on the rise.

Nevertheless, I would like to advise our younger generation to desist from the fight and put more effort in their studies cos physical combat can barely take one anywhere.

This came in reflection to a trending video, where a woman was seen beating up a fellow student inside a place that looks like a room. According to the clip, other colleagues were heard on the background sound pleading she should let her go but she gave a deaf ear and continued. In the pictures, she was seen raising her leg to kick her. Later the Innocent student was later spotted on the ground crying.

Nevertheless, it is important that everyone here in South Africa should as a matter of urgency advise their sons and daughters to desist from the fight.

What’s your take on this?

Feel free to share your views in the comment section.


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