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My Father Bought A House For Me And Now He Wants To See Me All The Time – Confused Daughter


A confused lady has written to relationship expert Mc Ebisco on a pressing issue as regards her dad. She is suspecting foul play but yet wants to be sure.

See her narration below.

Hello, Mc Ebisco please I am currently in a dilemma and really need an advice from you.


I have been estranged from my father for the past 20 years and now I am currently 24.

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On my 24th birthday, my dad asked what I wanted and I jokingly told him a house.

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He said if that was all I wanted and I said yes. A day to my birthday my dad sent an agent to me with the keys of a house. And that was how I became a landlord to the astonishment of my friends and colleagues.

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Now I am confused as my dad keeps saying he wants to see me. Is not like i am scared but i mean we are not that close and he insists on seeing me always.

I have brothers he has never bothered to check up on but he favours and calls only me. If he was always calling my brothers which are his sons too then I would have said its all good.

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But Jude my elder brother said our father has not picked up his call for the past six months.

Please how do I know his real intentions? And if he is real then I would like my dad to extend his kindness to my brothers.


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