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My House Boy Impregnated All My Daughters, Help Me!


The fear of housemaid is the beginning of wisdom. That’s all I could say when I discovered that my three lovely girls were impregnated by a dirty house boy.

I only thought I was trying to help the poor boy who came from a very poor background. I picked him up from the village since my husband stays overseas and I am also working as a bank.manager. I needed someone to help me do my house chores and also stay at home while I travel.

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I told my mom in the village and she told me of a young boy who is struggling to eat. He wasn’t even going to school anymore because his father is late and his mom is a full housewife. I decided to bring him into my home since he was from a good family background, besides, his mother is a good Christian. I never knew I had shot myself on the leg. All I was trying to do was to help a poor boy.

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I took him into my home and made him attend a private secondary school so he can write WAEC that year. The 18-year-old boy repaid my kindness to him by sleeping with all my three daughters (19, 17 and 15 years of age).

It all happened in the space of two months. That was six months after he joined us. My 19-year-old girl is preparing for university, while the 17-year-old just completed her secondary school and the 15-year-old is still in school.

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What a wicked world! How do I tell their father that our three lovely kids are pregnant for the same man?

Should I just take them to the hospital and terminate their pregnancies?

Now I understand why people don’t help anymore. They will end up repaying you with evil.

My worst regret was helping someone. I’ll never help anyone again. I need your advice, please.

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9 comments on “My House Boy Impregnated All My Daughters, Help Me!


Terminate their pregnancy

erick Nanka

Let them give birth so that they will learn a lesson

Benjamin Ngugi kanithi

You have very thick and horny gals am sorry to say,bearing in mind dad is not around they must have learnt something or missed something from you,or most likely youve taken advantage of the boy that’s why he has no respect for you and your gals.Anyway pole that’s how God works.


Something is wrong here the daughters are more leanered than the boy , I think the boy is used as scapegoat of the real happening


There is something that you may be missing to capture. Don’t regret assisting this young man. The pressure may have been beyond his bear. It requires the heart of Daniel to run out of this. Ask yourself how possible this would have happened. Your daughters may have pushed this poor boy into such misbehaviour. It is quite unfortunate that you were not very keen to notice their closeness, you could have saved the situation.


Don’t terminate the pregnancy, the best you can do now is to take Care of your self asije akakutia pia wewe mimba.


Enter your comment here…Your ladies don’t have good morals as I can see,,,,they’re totally immoral,, never blame the guy. Hata wewe upewe chakula, utakataa?? so your ladies especially the one preparing to join campus are full of a disgrace

Dennis kamau

Hi I am Dennis, the girls luck their father support and advice no respect for you or fear they think you are the same or maybe they have seen you with men plzzzzz father been there is very important


It’s alesson for them having not knowing that that sex is for married couples


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