My husband of 10 years wanted to divorce me for a younger woman, this is what I did - Mc Ebisco My husband of 10 years wanted to divorce me for a younger woman, this is what I did - Mc Ebisco
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My husband of 10 years wanted to divorce me for a younger woman, this is what I did

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My husband and I have been married for over 10 years. We met when I was 18 and
he was 21. We’ve been through a lot emotionally together. There were several
huge fights and painful situations in our marriage, but we always seemed to come
out stronger on the other side.
A month ago, out of the blues my husband just sprung the divorce talk on me. He
said he was tired of being in the marriage and wanted a younger woman than me. I
cried as he was telling me that, because we had a come long way and I did not
understand why he wanted to throw everything for a young woman.
I tried to make him change his mind but he was adamant and said that he did not
want me anymore.
“I am tired of this marriage, I am tired of you and I really want a divorce,” my
husband said.
He even stopped talking to me and would even fail to come home and that is when
I realized my marriage was on its knees and I had to fight for it for my sake and the
sake of my children.
I sought marriage counsel from marriage counselors but my husband refused to
attend. He also refused the advice of his mother and brothers who I had asked for
their help in talking to my husband. He insisted he wanted a divorce
After I had exhausted all options, I decided to look online for a professional love
spell caster who would make my husband change his mind and love me again.
While googling, I stumbled upon Doctor Mugwenu’s site where he had said he cast
love spells and helps restore broken marriages. There was a number,
+254740637248, given in the site and I called Doctor Mugwenu on it.
We then scheduled a meeting the next day where I was to see him in his
workplace. After we met, he cast the love spell that would change my husband’s
decision and another one for loving me alone. He assured me his spells worked in
less than 24 hours.
You won’t believe my husband called me at the exact time this spell caster finished
his spell work in 24hours, I was totally amazed! He is wonderful and his spells
work so fast. He told me he was sorry for saying hurtful words to me and said he
did not want to divorce me because he loved me a lot.

I am forever grateful to Doctor Mugwenu for helping my marriage stand again.
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