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My Husband Slept With My Sister And They Are Not Remorseful About It – Lady Cries Out


An unidentified disturbed lady has shared a story of how her husband slept with her sister and she is confused on what to do.

A user Advised her and her statement reads;

First & foremost, do know that you did absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing at all.


Your husband & your sister “chose” to sleep together, so “their” actions have nothing to do with you.

Your sister is carrying feelings of “denial & guilt”, hence her inability to reason in a mature & honest manner.

It would be good if she & your husband carried “remorse” too, although right now, i’m doubting that very much.

She knows what she’s done, so too, your husband.

It’s a very painful truth, to find out that your own spouse, has slept with your own sister.

I mean really, can it get any worse?!

The fact is, your husband & your sister, do not respect you. If they did, they would NOT have slept together. You really need to have a long & serious think about this.

When your spouse & your sibling carry respect for themselves & respect for you, this type of behavior would never occur.

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Even if you & your husband were having prior issues, this never granted him carte blanche to sleep with your sister. As already mentioned, he “chose” to sleep with her.

You are now very aware, that his marital commitment & his level of respect toward you, is not 100%.

Let’s say she tried to seduce him, that matters not. He could have said, “no, i’m married”.

If you still want to be married to your husband & if you are prepared to forgive both of them & move past this, i would still very strongly encourage you, to demand a full explanation & to demand an apology from both of them.

If you don’t, they’ll assume you are somewhat “ok” with all that’s transpired & guess what? There’s always a possibility looming, that they may well do it again.

The thing is though, if they apologize,

Will that apology really be worth anything? How sincere would their apology be?

Do have a think about these 2 questions too.

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How would you really know what they’re doing together, when you’re not around?

Do you feel they’ll now be 100% trustworthy?

In reference to the latter, i’d say, obviously not. If they were, they’d not have slept together in the first place.

They’ve done it once, or perhaps even more than once (unbeknownst to you), so how can you guarantee that they won’t try it again, when you’re out?

I’m not sure how you personally feel about this entire matter, but i do know that for most people, their spouse sleeping with their sibling, is so serious, that it would most probably warrant separation or even divorce.

They’ve both deceived you to the greatest degree & now your sister is trying to flip the switch & lay blame (deflect) unto you, for something SHE CHOSE TO DO.

This must surely be a double stab to your heart.

The fact is, you do NOT need to mend anything whatsoever.

Your husband & your sister must do this & that’s if they care enough about you & your feelings. That’s if they care enough about saving & mending their relationship with you.

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They should be asking for your forgiveness. Not trying to make you feel responsible for their actions.

If they do not approach you to confess everything & if they do not apologise with sincerity, that’s “their” call, but you do NOT need to take on board, any responsibility for what they did.

You have every right to feel hurt & to even be angry, as YOU are the recipient of deceit at it’s very worst.

Let your husband & your sister know how you really feel. Do not hide your feelings. Be fully transparent & let them know. They must know.

I do hope things work out for you, but in order for you guys to sort this out, you will all need to talk at some point & the sooner the better.

Don’t carry around, unnecessary stress & baggage.

If it happened to you, what will you do

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