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My Husband’s Condition Made Me Sleep With His Brother

We have been married for six years now, my name is Tessa, I have not been able to sire a child since I got married to my husband, this has started to raise questions in the village and from his family.

His sister once told me that he has had this problem for a long time now because it happens that he has had one failed marriage and the reason was the same, there was no child in their marriage.

We have tried all the medication that is available both herbal and artificial but we have still not bared any fruits. I decided to sit down with him and ask him what plans he has for me because I was getting older and I couldn’t reach menopause without a single child.

We decided to visit a doctor at the nearest medical center and we were told that my husband has a medical condition that makes him not be able to have children, he even asked us to pray for a miracle if we were to have any child.

I got worried and ran to my mother and told her everything the doctor said and she told me if I don’t do anything about it I might end up being kicked out by his family.

His younger brother has been staying with us for sometime now and so I decided to try out his brother. I showed love and care to his brother as I lured him into sleeping with me. My plan worked perfectly.

I am now four months pregnant and getting ready to give birth to the first child in our marriage with my husband after so many years.

The problem is my husband doesn’t know that the pregnancy is not his and his brother doesn’t know that I am carrying his child.

I don’t know if I should be open about my sin and tell my husband the truth or I should just forget about it and keep it my secret.

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