"My master's machine is very small, I like yours a lot," my wife told my neighbor while trembling I almost kill them - Mc Ebisco "My master's machine is very small, I like yours a lot," my wife told my neighbor while trembling I almost kill them - Mc Ebisco
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“My master’s machine is very small, I like yours a lot,” my wife told my neighbor while trembling I almost kill them

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A week ago, I cried in a way I have never cried before. I mean, when your wife
disgraces your manhood to your neigbour, what else can you do other than cry.
Mimi nililia yangu yote but again nilipata usaidizi.
My wife and I have been married for two years and since we started making love,
aliishi ku complain that I am ejaculating with less than three minutes of me
penetrating her. We tried seeking help from medical doctors in Nairobi but nothing
was working.
Last week Friday, I went for a work conference which I thought would last for two
days but one of the speakers failed to come due to a family emergency and it
therefore ended earlier than usual. I tried calling my wife to tell her I will be home
earlier than she expected but her phone went unanswered.
I drove all the home but she was still not picking the calls. On arriving home, it
was Saturday evening but my wife was expecting me Sunday evening. I could see
the lights were on from the gate and I knew she was not asleep yet.
While I was approaching the door, I heard her moan in pleasure calling out my
neighbour’s name.
“Wewe Baba Shiku unaniingiza vizuri. Machine ya bwana yangu ni ndogo sana,
napenda hii yako venye ni nono na firm sana,” my wife told Baba Shiku who was
my neighbour.
Nilitetemeka, hasira ikanipanda karibu nilipuke na in that moment, I opened the
door which was not closed and I immediately descended on Baba Shiku,
tukapigana but he managed to escape. My wife nayeye alikimbia kujificha kwa
bedroom yetu.
“I told you that you do not satisfy me! Kwa hivo mimi nitakua nikilala na Baba
Shiku hadi ujue kufanya sex ya more than three minutes,” my wife said
I sat on the sofa and cried. I thought of all the money that I had used in trying to
get healing of my manhood problems and nothing had worked. My wife was now
sleeping with the neighbour because I could not sex her.
In that moment of pain, I tried googling for herbal doctors who were using
traditional medicine to heal ejaculation troubles and that’s when I stumbled upon

Doctor Mugwenu’s website. There was a number given in the site and I
immediately picked it up and called the Doctor. I cried while narrating him my
predicament and I was so amazed at how he understood my frustrations and even
offered to see me the next day.
The next day, I met him at his workplace where he prescribed herbs and some
mixture which I drank. I know you will not believe it but in two days’ time, my
‘device’ was going for more than hour inside my wife.
“Aii kwani siku hizi umeinuka kwa game aje, you are so sweet my husband,” my
wife told me three days after I visited Doctor Mugwenu and now, we are the
happiest couple and our sex life is amazing. Doctor Mugwenu was definitely my
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