"My Money O" - Woman Causes Drama Inside Banking Hall Over Disturbing Debit Alerts
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“My money o” – Woman causes drama inside banking hall over disturbing debit alerts

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“My money o” – Woman causes drama inside banking hall over disturbing debit alerts

Police in Lagos is investigating what could make a bank customer throw caution to the wind inside the banking hall, with a shout of, “My Money o!” “My hard earned money ooo!!” “I’m finished ooo!!!” “Somebody help me ooo!”

The disturbing drama was uncontrollable when the woman who gave her name as Madam Grace Adamu, a worker with National Broadcast Academy -the Training Arm of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), Lagos, narrated her ordeal.

Responding to no one in particular, she wept and said, “I was just receiving debit alerts of money I didn’t collect on Sunday night. The alerts came four times!

She continued, “I did not use my ATM, I did not visit any POS Kiosk, I didn’t send anybody message. I was just hearing sound of debits alerts on my phone four times, so I had to rush here, only for them to ask me to go and get a court affidavit before they could do anything.

“I immediately ran to Ikeja high Court premises, all the workers that attended to me said courts don’t work like that, they asked me to pay some amount of money I can’t afford. Some sympathizers advised me to go to a nearby police station and complain and get a report, It’s the report I have brought now.

“God oo help me ooo…Nigerians ooo help me ooo… I’m a junior worker o.. my hard earned money ooo this is too much for me to handle o…” She yelled.

After about an hour of groaning, Madam Grace Adamu as she gave her name in torrent of tears and agony in her voice, gained the assistance of a standby police officer who asked her to calm down and assured her that all would be well as necessary investigation would be conducted.

Meanwhile, banks officials at the premises were saying to the bystanders that there was nothing they as individual officers could do in the circumstance.

In a brief interview, Madam Adamu added that though she has ATM card but had never given it to anyone aside her children neither had she disclosed her secret Pin. “I have ATM card but I use it myself, my Personal Pin is not known by any other person outside my children, I don’t have Mobile App on my phone, I don’t use the one they call token, I only use the Union Bank short code to do transactions, my phone did not get lost, my SIM card did not get lost, my ATM did not get missing, I never gave anybody my phone to make calls, even SMS, I don’t allow anyhow people to use my phone, I don’t know what happened? I can’t tell how this calamity befell me,” she groaned.

As at the time of filling this report, efforts to speak with the branch/Corporate Communication Officer/ PRO of the aforementioned bank was dashed, however security at the entry point of the bank assured the woman that the bank would follow up on the matter to the end having been informed.

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