My Mother Rejected Me Two Days After My Birth- Popular Cross Dresser, James Brown Opens Up


Images of controversial Nigerian cross- dresser, James Brown and his grandmother have sparked so many reactions online.

The cross- dresser posted images of himself and his grandma on Instagram, thanking her for her support and affection after his mother abandoned him two days after he was born.

Judging by the photos, James Brown bears a striking resemblance to his grandmother and would look like a male version of her.

According to him, she is the woman he cherishes with all his heart and soul and who has always supported his dreams and personality, but at the age of six he realised that his grandmother is not his mother.

” This is my grandma the woman I cherish the most with my blood, body and soul. This is the only woman who took mein when I was rejected by my mom back then when I was just 2 days old, this woman breastfeed me, clothe me, gave me shelter, knowing fully well that I’ m just her grand daughter/son. Back then I thought she was my biological mom for 6 years……. ”

Reacting to one of the videos he posted, many Nigerians have attacked the crossdresser, saying the grandmother apparently does not like his personality as she looked confused in the photos and video.

See how people reacted to the image;

@chykee1 wrote: Your mom saw the future your grandma could not see

@francesonyenedu wrote: Nahim make u spoil😂😂😂😂😂 grandmas dunno how to raise dia grand babies

@didier. xx wrote: She doesn’ t seem too pleased

@sifonalphonsus1 wrote: Funny how Grandma raised a Grandson but a Granddaughter came back to say thank you, 👏👏👏👏Grandma is confused 😕

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