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My Mum Is Sleeping With My Boyfriend, I will kill her

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Lady explains what her mother is actually doing with her boyfriend, states what she will do Next.


my mother is sleeping with my boyfriend or should I say our boyfriend. My father is still very much alive but down with a stroke.


I introduced my man to her after he proposed, she even said he was poor but I insisted that I love and will marry him since he has a good job and can take care of me.

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My boyfriend came into town yesterday and I insisted that he won’t lodge in a hotel but our family house, so I cleaned up a room for him, only for me to come back home this night from church and saw my Mum on top of him, it was my Mum that was on top not even him .

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i am just driving helplessly now with death in my head, wondering what will be the explanation, I guess I am sorry is all they owe this abomination .

What can I do ? What should be my next step, what is still shocking to me is the fact that my boyfriend does not like fat women, he does not go close to fat people, then how come he was attracted to my own mum, with fat all over her body and Christian mother hand.

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I hate my mother so much right now, I will kill her and face Jail or I will just K*ill myself too, i’m so broken I just had to vent my heart is full I need help .
Am dying in pains


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4 comments on “My Mum Is Sleeping With My Boyfriend, I will kill her

Yahwehchanan Ehimen

I ‘m speaking concerning the young lady who was betrayed by her mother . Young lady do not take the life of any.
Our Creator, Yahweh says leave vengeance for me.
Learn how to forgive, no matter what.
You have committed sins so many times and yet, Our Creator Yahweh forgave you did not kill you and send you to hell.
So forgive your mother and your fiancée so that life could move forward.
Thank you.
Yahwehchanan. Ehimen.

John G

Babe think of tomorrow don’t conclude everything to day tomorrow will be brighter than to day use this situation to show GOD love that you can’t do anything on your own and he will surely make away for you.


I believe your boyfriend admire your mother more than you


Pls don’t kill yourself and don’t kill anybody


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