My Step-Brother Stole All The Properties My Father Left Us – Your Advice Is Needed

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My name is Elvis and I lost my dad, who had two wives, six months ago. My mother had three children and was the second wife while my step-mother had five children and was the first wife.

My mother and step-mother did not quite enjoy a cordial relationship since the former accused my mom of stealing her husband when she was taken in as a second wife. My late dad was worth KSh 120 million and in his will, he had said the properties and money he had left behind would be inherited by the children of the second wife (my mum) since the first wife had mistreated him when he was alive.

However, my step-mother could not allow us to inherit the assets and she called his first-born son with whom they wanted to throw us out of the house and take control of the inheritance. I feared his son, we had never gotten along and he was so fierce.

“I am going to get my lawyer and we shall make sure my mother and siblings inherit all the money our old father left us, I will make sure that the will is changed,” the first born son warned me and my family when he came from Mombasa where he was working.

The next day, we were summoned by the court, and the hearing started where the family of the first wife demanded to inherit all the properties. Through their lawyer, they lied to the court that my siblings and I were illegitimate children of our father.

I saw us losing that court case and when I went home that evening, I was so defeated and I told my mum that we were at the brink of losing our inheritance since my step-brother was telling the court some lies. “My son, do not worry, today when you went to court, I called your aunt who told me that there is a traditional herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu who is capable of increasing the luck in winning this court case,” my mother said.

At first, I did not believe there was a way out but my mum said my aunt had assured her that Doctor Mugwenu could help. My mother scheduled a meeting with the doctor after calling him on his mobile phone.

The next morning, we drove to doctor Mugwenu and I was sure he would help us through his spells and abilities to enable people win court cases when we talked to him. He assured us his spells would work speedily before the next court date which was slated in two days time. In the D-day, I was slightly anxious, but I believed in Doctor Mugwenu’s spells and when the court session began, my mother held my hand and no sooner had the court hearing began had the judge said he had reviewed the case and he found the second wife and her children as the legitimate successors of the KSh 120 million inheritance.


The judge then adjourned the hearing and said there was no case. He also inhibited my step-brother and his family from disturbing us again. I am so grateful to doctor Mugwenu. I advise anyone with a similar problem to visit Dr. Mugwenu. Just like a medical doctor, Dr. Mugwenu does a diagnosis on his clients
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