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My Wife Saved My Number As Dead Body – Husband Seeks For Divorce


My wife saved my number as dead body-Husband seeks for divorce

Sometimes people get to make decisions that may seem funny in the eyes of the majority but actually, pains and frustrations must have led to their decisions.

Babatunde claims the wife saved his phone number as dead body and because of that, he is set to divorce the wife.


Hello, Ebisco compliments of the season.

My wife saved my phone number as dead body and I am not finding it funny.

I got married to my wife about 2 years ago. When we settled down I noticed she started acting strange when she found out that my job can not really take care of the home. Her dad who happened to have left a big amount of money for her on his demise warned her not to get married to me as I would not be able to fend for her.

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Anyway, things got so bad ad the usual characters of a wife when the husband is broke became my everyday treatment.

For about a year I and my wife hardly speak to each other for two days at a stretch without quarrelling for the next three weeks.

Her major issue with me was money. I have always told her since we are yet to have kids she should let me be,

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She can take care of herself while me I can take care of myself as well.

Now just a week ago I got my dream job and was placed on a starter pack of 2 million monthly.

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I rushed home to tell my wife, on getting home I met her absence so I decided to call her. When I dialled her number I discovered her phone was just close to me, that was how I noticed she stored my number with dead body. Out of curiosity, I decided to search her phone directory on how my other two numbers were stored, only to discover she stored them as dead body 1 and 2.

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With anger, I searched for her late dad’s number on her phone and I saw RIP DADDY.

She has always told me I was useless I never knew she wished me dead.

I am thinking of calling it quits since I am already useless to her.

Please what steps should I take?



Please we have heard from Babatunde, are the actions of the wife tenable enough to warrant a divorce?

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