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My Wife’s Best Friend From Childhood Is Making Sexual Advances Towards Me!

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I was told to write to you by a friend, who is an ardent reader of your blog. To be honest I think he has a big crush on you. Myself and my other friend have told him to approach you but he is scared you will turn him down haha. Please, I need your opinion and those of your female readers.
I am 33-year-old Cameroonian based in the USA. I met my wife 5 years ago at a birthday party in Dallas. We dated for a year and then got married. My wife’s childhood best friend Okwen (real name withheld) did not really like me when I was dating her friend but when I proposed to her, she changed and became nicer.
About six months ago, on my wife’s 30th birthday, Okwen did something really weird. We were out having dinner when a mutual friend of ours (who was sitting across from her) asked her when she was going to get married and settle down and she looked at me (I was sitting at her left) straight in the eye and replied she doesn’t know as the one she loves is taken. I felt like she was trying to tell me something but quickly dismissed it until later that evening when my friend told me he noticed it too.

A lot more started happening after that incident. A few months ago she came to visit us and sat down with legs slightly opened while my wife was in the kitchen cooking. When she noticed that I had seen it she smiled and then closed them. She has made it a habit to bend over seductively when I am alone with her or touch me slightly and quickly on my arm when my wife is looking away. I can’t list all the things she has been doing because I want to keep this as short as possible.

I want to tell my wife about all that has been happening but I have always felt like an outsider when it comes to herself and Okwen. I told my friend about all the things happening and he told me it is my word against hers and that some of the things I said sounded like I am the one checking my wife’s friend out.

I made a promise to myself to be a good father and husband to my kids partly because I never had the pleasure of having a dad. My father left my mother and got married to another woman when I was just 4 years old. I love my wife dearly and do not want to lose her. Should I risk it and tell her what her friend has been doing? I don’t have any physical proof and I am worried this incident might destroy her trust in people around her.

What do I do please?

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