MYSTERIOUS! IPOB Cries Out To UN Over DSS Selling Body Parts Of Their Detained Members


The Indigenous Peoples Organization of Biafra (IPOB) says Nigerian security agents are arresting and clandestinely killing members more and more while a union sells body parts. The team, led by Nnamdi Kanu, announced this in a statement from the group’ s spokesperson, Emma Powerful, which SaharaReporters received on Wednesday.

he exceeded the statement that the Nigerian security agents kill and sell the human organs of the youth of Biafra- IPOB. His statement read: ” The attention of the Biafra Global Indigenous Family (IPOB) has been drawn to the relentless abduction of innocent youth in Biafra by Nigerian security services.

” These young innocent Biafran were taken to the dungeons of the Department of State Services (DSS) and to the Nigerian army barracks, in particular to the fearsome abattoir in Abuja, where they were dehumanized and tortured in these secret cells.

He lawyer said that more than innocent young people from Biafran are illegally detained at the DSS headquarters in Abuja. More than 400 more people have been detained in the killing cell since that year.

” Intelligence reports compiled by the IPOB Intelligence Unit and a trusted source show that some malicious DSS agents and military personnel are killing some of our people and selling their kidneys and other vital human organs to foreign organ traffickers.

” These people have been detained since February this year, arrested in Imo state and transferred to the Abuja IRT (battle) unit under the command of Abba Kyari; Maria Ezediaro, Ngozi Umeadi, Ifeyinwa Egole, Pastor Ebere, Mazi Okwuosha, Nnabuike Nwankwo, Gabriel Onyedikachi, Ogochukwu Unamba and Lambert. These people, along with many others, are massacred in prison.

” That is why the IPOB asks all Biafran residents looking for their brothers and sisters to go to the DSS headquarters in Abuja and the notorious Abattoir headquarters in Abuja to check whether they are alive or dead. According to an intelligence report available to us, seven people have died in the last two weeks.

” We are also warning the world of the atrocities that are being committed in Nigeria against the people of Biafra. We call on the United Nations, Amnesty International and the global pro- Nigerian community to bring to justice all these innocent young men from Biafra who languish in various secret cells instead of charging them with extrajudicial murder. “


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