National Cathedral For Who? Even Israelites Who Saw God-face-to-face Have None – Lawyer Anokye
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National Cathedral for who? Even Israelites who saw God-face-to-face have none – Lawyer Anokye

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National Cathedral for who? Even Israelites who saw God-face-to-face have none – Lawyer Anokye

Private legal practitioner, Chief Anokye Frimpong has questioned the basis for the government’s decision to lead the construction of a National Cathedral in Ghana.

According to the historian, it has become interesting to note that the government of Ghana is allocating state resources toward the construction of a National Cathedral while a state like Israel where Christianity originates from has none.

“I have always believed that even the state of Israel which we are told God led them himself to cross the sea; he broke the sea into two and then put them into it, cross it to the other end. All the miracles before (they) went into the land of Canaan has not got a national cathedral. Those who saw God face-to-face have not got a national cathedral.

“And then the state of Ghana… worshipping idols, ancestors and still doing that until Christianity came not more than 300 years ago or let’s say at most not 300 years ago, can today imagine to put up a National Cathedral. For who?” he questioned on the GBC’s Breakfast Show morning programme.

The lawyer emphasised that Ghana by its governance structure is a secular state and therefore questioned why the government would want to undertake the National Cathedral project.

“The question is for who? Because the constitution of Ghana does not say that Ghana is a Christian country, it doesn’t say that it is a Muslim country, Hindu, Buddhist or traditional. So, when you put up a house and you call it a cathedral, ipso facto you want to call it is a Christian house, Is it going to be for the SDA, for the Roman Catholic or Pentecost? And for that matter, if it is going to be for the state, who told you that the state is a Christian state? Or given that it is for the state, how many times is the state going to use that National Cathedral in a year?” he raised in objection.

The National Cathedral project has received serious criticisms encompassing its priority among other national needs as well as the cost the state is bearing.

While the government initially said it was going to facilitate its construction with the cost borne by religious groups and donors, it has emerged that the government has gone as far as releasing some GHC200,000,000.00 for the project.

Others have also pointed out what they say is the government’s lack of candor in undertaking a project such as a cathedral.

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