Natural Brain Booster For Students

The brain is said to be the largest and most complex organ in the human body. The brains control your ability to think, see, hear, walk, solve problems, make decisions, and remember things. The brains are made of soft tissue which includes gray and white matter containing nerve cells, non-neuronal cells, and small blood vessels.

For the brain to function well, you need to exercise, mediate, eat, and sleep well. But for your brain to be active you prepare this mixture using coconut water and original honey.

Coconut water contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals. It is also a good source of antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

Honey is a natural ingredient that has a lot of health benefits, honey is rich in pinocembrin which helps improves the oxidative status of the brain.

Ordinary honey can’t do the work; you need to activate it to holy honey; to do that

Hold the honey in your hand, pray into it, and breath on it 3x; you have activated it

Break your coconut and pour the water into a container, pour your holy honey into it and mix well.


Use your right middle finger to mix it well, lick it, rub on your palm and face before going out

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