Navy Gives Reason For Refusing to Release Comedian Cute Abiola After Spending 10 Days In Detention


A few weeks back, friends of popular Instagram comedian and skit maker, Cute Abiola had taken to their pages to declare him missing.

However shortly after the rumours of him being missing took over the Internet, the Nigerian Navy came out to debunk such rumours, as they came out to reveal that the comedian and skit maker was not missing, however, he was in their custody.

They had said: ” Cute Abiola is not missing! ! ! He is in custody for breaching Armed Forces Social Media Policy.

” The young man was found to have breached the social media policy while he was on leave. So he was recalled, asked to come back, but he refused until he completed his leave which is a disobedience to particular orders” .

Recently the Nigerian Navy was questioned on whether the comedian has been released and they said that interrogations are still ongoing.

The Spokesperson said:

” An administrative process is on regarding the matter. Period! ”

Recall, earlier many had wondered what the comedian must have done to warrant the arrest.

And the Nigerian Navy has been giving steady reports on his arrest, as they had recently said that if the comedian is guilty, he would get his punishment.

As they had earlier said:

” He would get his due punishment, a light one, not something hard. We recognise that he is an entertainer and he could even be given an opportunity to showcase his talent during (social) events of the Nigerian Navy or the Armed Forces. There are two major reasons we are uncomfortable with our personnel exhibiting themselves on social media, and one of them is for their personal safety and security” .

According to the Navy, the personnel’ s have a code of conduct which they are not allowed to breach, which, unfortunately, Cute Abiola had breached.

Where they said: ” There is an armed forces social media policy that was promulgated by the defense headquarters, and its principal regulation is that military personnel should not post photos or videos of themselves in uniform while engaging in personal or official activities” .

” Military personnel are also not allowed to make comments or share official military decisions, activities or operations on social media. They are also not allowed to forward materials on social media. Copies of the policy are available with the Director of Defense Information. It is not a restricted document, so it can be made available to anyone who needs it. “


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