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“Ndigbo Wants To Annex The Niger Delta Into Biafra Because Their Region Is Landlocked”- Yoruba Group

Young Yoruba For Freedom (YYF), a pan Oduduwa organization based in the diaspora has alleged that the Biafra agitators want to annex other tribes in the old Eastern region to form a Biafra republic because Igbo mainland is landlocked and have no access to the sea.

The group acknowledged the fact that Switzerland is landlocked and still very prosperous but that is not applicable to Igbo land, because Igbos have a lot of factors that will work against them in their home land that’ s why they are dragging so many unwilling tribes into their purported new nation.


The group stated this through a statement signed by its President, Mr. Adeyinka Grandson who outlined some factors that prompted the Igbo to drag other tribes which include lack of sources of fishing and oceanic food, exorbitant cost of marine transportation, limitation of military capability due to lack of Naval bases and other factors.

He therefore concluded that Igbo people don’ t really want Biafra without the other tribes that will provided them sustenance that is why people like Barrister Tony Nnadi created the Lower Niger Congress as a tool to robe in the tribes of the Niger Delta.

For these reasons, the Young Yoruba for Freedom warned the tribes of the Niger delta to be weary of the real ambition of the Igbo in the Biafra agitation.


The statement read in part:

” Ndigbo Republic is landlocked, meaning it has no direct access to an ocean or ocean- accessible sea.

” While a country such as Switzerland has thrived despite its lack of access to the world’ s oceans, being landlocked has many disadvantages. Some landlocked countries rank among the poorest in the world.

” The Igbo nation is landlocked and against the break up of Nigeria. This was why Tony Nnadi created the Lower Niger Congress that included the Ethnic Nationalities spread across the South- East and South- South Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria.

” And wanted them to be a new country called the Lower Niger Congress. It is the same reason Nnamdi Kanu created IPOB and started the advocacy for Biafra that included non- Igbo land to be a new country called Biafra. The best these folks will get is the Ndigbo Republic as shown in the attached map.

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