I NEED ADVICE!!! My Husband Drinks My Breast Milk, Eats Cornflakes With It – Nursing Mother Cries Out

A concerned Housewife has written to a Psychologist, asking for help regarding her husband’s special preference for breast milk at the expense of her suckling baby.

The young mother complained that her husband usually swaps the milk she expresses for their baby in the refrigerator with milk that is not for infants.

She explained the terrible habit started after she put to bed, during one of their sexual adventures when her husband began to suck her breast which was full of milk. He enjoyed the taste of the milk so much, he has now become addicted to it.

According to her, her husband uses her breast milk to eat all kinds of cereals, preferring to give their baby milk that is not recommended for infants.

She feels too ashamed to confide in anyone about the situation, hence her cry for help to the Psychologist with whom she knows her secret is safe.

Joro Olumofin is a Nigerian Psychologist who has gained the trust of many. Joro receives many letters from people all over the world in one emotional dilemma or the other, asking for solution to their relationship problems.

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