“I Need A Boyfriend, This Is Not A Joke Please”, Pretty Lady Cries Out.

These days, we get to see a lot of pretty insane things or stories posted by different individuals, on the internet and various social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Some people tend to reveal too much about themselves which is actually very improper and weird sometimes. We are all humans and we make mistakes, its normal. But some mistakes are actually worth laughing at.

Earlier today, one lady called Akosua May, took to her social media account, precisely on the bird app called twitter, to reveal that she is in dire need of a new boyfriend and that men are scarce these days. And she even added that’s its not a joke or a prank.

See the screenshot of what the beautiful lady posted below;

Her post sparked a lot of reactions from people especially male folks on the twitter social media app. Its no doubt that this lady is cute and pretty but is it wise for her to look for a boyfriend online?

See more beautiful pictures of the said lady below;

Can you do this if you were single and lonely like she was? Let’s here your opinion in the comments section. Please share until she finds her soul mate.


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