I Need Somebody Who’s Going To Eat My Snack! I’m Very Lonely

You know by now in life in order to achieve your goals you have to set your priorities straight, a lady has dedicated in her life to her job because at the end of the day you have to work hard in order to live a lavish lifestyle, but now she’s starting to feel lonely, she posted a status on Facebook saying that I need somebody who’s going to eat my snack because she prepared a picnic basket. She doesn’t even have friends she’s lonely she just wanted company it didn’t matter if it you’re a lady or a man.

Loneliness is a reality it’s just that sometimes when you’re poor you may think that money can buy happiness, imagine having everything that money can buy but you spent the festive season alone I really feel for her because even me before I found a better half I was struggling with loneliness to a point that it led to depression.

After university you realise that you are friends with people because you’re seeing them 5 days in a week, I wish she can find that special someone it doesn’t matter if it’s e friend or Bae, she’s a living proof that even wealthy people have not got it easy what do you think about her situation you’re more than allowed to express your opinion.


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