“All I Need Is Someone Who Can Show Me Love” – lady say

Many people may ask, are these girls for real, going on the internet seeking for true love and affection, are there girls on this earth who are still really interested in love.

It hard to believe what we see on social media today, because of the way lies spread all around the world.

Relationships falls apart everyday due to many reasons, which could be lies, cheating, boredom and many other reasons.

A beautiful young lady has took to social media to express her self, saying that she is in need to of love and not money. A lot of these post are becoming frequent on social media these days, what could be the problem, where are the boys.

However most of the post made on social media are just for fun and attentions.

See her tweet below;

She made it clear that is isn’t the type that ask for urgent money to clear stuffs or other things.

Checkout more of her Photos below;



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