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Negative Effects Of Smartphone On Your Social Life

Mobile phones are a great way to stay connected with family and friends while providing hours of entertainment. We all know what we use it for personally so let’s move on. Smartphones have really changed our lives for the better in some ways but believe me, they have also been causing us some major drawbacks too. So here, we’ve highlighted some of the ways smartphones have been affecting our lives unknowingly.

Sleep Issues and Depressions.

Have you noticed that when you spend too much time with your phone at night, you find it hard to fall asleep until you’re completely exhausted? When you eventually manage to, your body will want more by morning and you find it hard to get up to go about your daily activities.

Research has found out that using smartphones before bed may cause depression in the morning due to the blue light it emits.

Ruining relationships

I believe this is self explanatory because most of us are guilty of this. To those dating, It has become a common habit that even both partners do not notice their phone is the cause of their disconnections and think they’re probably not meant for each other. Before you know it, they break up. This also applies to friends and family too. The way you use your phone during family time can affect your relationship with them resulting in distractions, less talk, lower levels of response and before you know it depression starts creeping in and this may lead to conflicts.

Self-worth on Social Media

Some people suffer from social media anxiety. Many based their self worth on social media likes and comments as people tend to compare themselves on social platforms which is not healthy. Some will say their career and value depends on the numbers of organic followers they have, the numbers of posts, views and comments their page gets. Funny right? Yeah, but the truth is if you allow these metrics define you, it leads to loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression and narcissism and this is not a healthy way to live.

Did you know that if you stop using your phone two hours before bedtime, you can reduce brain stress, anxiety, depression and will sleep like a baby.


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