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‘This Is Why You Should Never Give Money To A Beggar

When you see circumstances in a reality where the lives of specific people are being threatened, you think to yourself, “But wait, is that possible?” This is Adama Traoré, a 40-year-old Ivorian painter. He just has one arm

You might be wondering how he does his artwork. A little farther down, you’ll find the answer. You’ll almost probably run into him at the entrance to Sococé 2 trays in Cocody, near a hypermarket. You’ll be able to observe firsthand how he uses his tongue to make his artworks.


Because of his outstanding efforts, he was able to meet with the Minister of Culture. It’s tough to hand a coin to someone who is healthy, has full limbs, and deliberately chose to do nothing with his life when you see so much courage and anger to win in a being who is bereft of his limbs.

Unfortunately, in Côte d’Ivoire, this second type is well-represented. What are their favorite places to visit? Traffic signals, street corners, and popular markets are all examples of sites where a large number of people can congregate at the same time. This is a picture of one of their “offices.”

The sadness is that they are involving poor, helpless youngsters. Children who are supposed to be in school but end up working for grownups or parents who are slackers and lack respect. You will never have enough money for lazy people, no matter how much money you earn.


If you truly comprehend this inspirational story, I am confident that you will see why you should never give money to a beggar.

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