I Have Never Been In A Relationship That A Guy Has Given Me 5 Naira – Nigerian Lady Says

A relationship is sometimes like a full-time job. If you are in a relationship, you need to study and understand your partner in order for your relationship to work out perfectly. Of course, a good relationship don’t just happen overnight, It surely takes commitment and understanding from both sides.
Some relationships fail today because of lack of understanding and sometimes lack of attention. Most people fail to give in what their partners want which probably leads to a failed relationship.

However, this article is not laid on relationship and how it work, but on this Nigerian lady who said she has never been in a relationship that a man has given her 5 Naira before.

The truth is, relationships are a two-way street. It should be mutually beneficial, mutually enjoyable and sacrificing.
If you are in a relationship, you shouldn’t let your partner do everything. For example, If he or she spends on you, also spend on him or her. Just like in the case of this Nigerian lady who is never lucky to see a man who will spend on her the way she spends on men. She made it known that she does it out of love but the men do take her for a fool and pretends to love her.

Here is the full gist below. She shared the post in a Facebook group with the name Rant HQ Extension which caused reactions.

Here are some comment reactions.


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