All New Glo Data Plans: 3.6GB for 1000, 6GB for 2000 and 10GB for 2500


If you do not wish to use the *777# method to subscribe for any Glo data plan and require a shortcode for subscribing for these New Glo Data plans, get them below.

Just Dial 12758# and send for Glo 10GB for 2500. (So special)

Dial 12755# for Glo 6GB for 2000 (My Phone)

Dial 12753# for Glo 3.6GB for 1000 (Always Micro)

Dial 12754# for Glo 12GB for 3000 (Always Macro)

Dial 12759# for Glo 18GB for 4000 (N4000 Data plan)

Dial 1272# for Glo 24GB for 5000 (Always Min)

Dial 1271# for Glo 48GB for 8000 (Always Max)

Dial 12712# for Glo 60GB for 15000 (Gold)

The all-new Glo Data Plan is a wow I just have to share it with my esteemed readers. The recent data competition happening now is evidence that capitalism is good for every industry.

While the likes of Airtel, Etisalat, and MTN are fighting to increase or even hold on to their data subscribers already migrating to GLO in respect to their cheap data bundles by reducing the price of purchasing data within their networks, GLO is not done with their reduction on data tariff as they are further reducing their tariff.

Now you can purchase GLO 2GB Data plan for N1000, GLO 6GB for N2000, GLO 10GB for N2500, GLO 12GB for N3000 and so on. Isn’t that great?

Now the only problem GLO was having was data network coverage as some subscribers complained in the past of slow GLO internet reception in their area, this is one advantage Airtel and MTN have over GLO but they are seriously working on their network coverage to offer even better and fast connection.

Before you ask if these new Glo data plans are just on promotional basis or the type MTN and Airtel will send to you in their promotional SMS and when you have recharged and tried to subscribe, you are told that the offer has elapsed and you are dawned with subscribing for a lower gigabyte as against what is advertised, then NO, this is the new official GLO data bundles and you can ascertain this from GLO Data website here.

To subscribe to the all-new GLO data plans, all you are required to do is dial x777# and choose the data plan that best suits you.

I so love the GLO 10GB data that goes for just N2500. Small users can go for the 6GB for N2000.


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