NIGER/DELTA AGITATORS Angered By Raid On Justice Odili’s Home; See What They Asked Buhari To Do Immediately


The Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators has given the Federal Government a 14- day deadline to expose and prosecute individuals responsible for the raid on Justice Mary Odili’ s residence.

This comes after a faction led by Gen. John Dukku claimed that the security operatives’ operation was a ruse to scare and push Odili out of her Supreme Court seat.

The raid was also described as an insult to the Niger Delta region.


” We have carefully studied the situation and events that led to the invasion of Justice Odili’ s home, the siege by a combined team of the Department of State Services (DSS), Army, and Police, and the eventual unlawful invasion of the property without a valid search warrant by state agents, and we want to state that this is an affront to the sensibility of Niger Delta people, ” the group said in a statement.


” We can confidently state that Justice Mary Odili’ s main crime is that she is the second highest ranked judge on the Supreme Court and a Niger Delta native. ” The Coalition refutes the government’ s claim that suspicious activity was taking place in the building. This claim is unfounded and unacceptably false.

” We are obligated to ask: what kind of illicit activity might be suspected in the house of a distinguished Supreme Court justice, whose husband also served as governor of a state for eight years? What was the purpose of the invasion? Why is President Muhammadu Buhari’ s administration working so hard to drag the Niger Delta people down?


” Our senior statesman, Pa Edwin Clark, was subjected to the same treatment by President Muhammadu Buhari’ s regime. It stated that an unknown whistleblower alerted them that Clark’ s house in Abuja had a cache of weaponry and ammunition.

Nothing damning was discovered after many hours of invasion. We awaited the prosecution of the alleged whistleblower with bated breath. However, no one has been arrested or prosecuted for breaking into the home of a man who has spent the most of his life establishing the Nigerian state. ”

” It is on record that the current government has embraced the tactic of despotism and executive misbehavior towards the judiciary since its start, ” the statement continued. Remember that several justices in the South South have been arrested or harassed by the DSS because they are seen as adversaries by the government.


” Who gave the order for the invasion? What was the reason for this? What is the significance of such an unlawful invasion now? If the government fails to respond to the above questions, apologize to Odili’ s family and the people of the Niger Delta, and punish the criminals within 14 days, we will not hesitate to express our displeasure to the Nigerian government. “


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