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Niger Delta Amnesty Office workers running naked disgracing themselves.

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I Begry itanemi Hero was at the Obubra Camp in Calabar documented for the amnesty program and signed agreement to be train on music production with the federal government. I was given options for this training in the UK, South Africa and Nigeria of which I picked the UK.

I’ve been writing since 2011 to the amnesty office about my music production dream and all efforts to reach them has been futile. I met with the former amnesty boss Gen. Boroh and he referred me to his PA Gbaboyor Jude still nothing was done about it till Boroh left the office.


All I’ve been asking for is that they should empower me with a music studio where I can work seeing that I’ve trained myself. This studio will create employment to two persons in the Niger Delta who are musically inclined as well as help upcoming artists like myself, no response till Gen. Boroh got sacked.

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When Dokubo came on board I approached him and showed him all the documents and proposal for the music studio he also didn’t give me a reasonable feedback and after much persuasion he referred me to his PA Mr Spencer who I spoke to for over a year plus up till now response.

Now there’s this video making waves on Facebook where a lady who claims to be the CEO of Tracy Mcwary foundation narrated how she met with Gen. Boroh and he asked her to come up with a plan which she did which was the Miss Niger Delta pageant. She was about to execute the project before Gen. Boroh was sacked. When Dokubo came on board she approached him as well and he approved of the project and money was disbursed for it and Dokubo’s aides told her to increase the Money which she did and hundreds of millions was paid into her NGO account and after payment they want to divert the money to another account she knows nothing about which she refused doing hence her problem with the amnesty office.

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Mrs Tracy from her video on Facebook has only been to Niger Delta few times. I Begry Itanemi Hero was born in the Niger Delta, school there, drinks all the dirty river water, my father two houses with the properties were all burned down, I drum, cooked and do all the necessary things within my power to the struggle. I have promote Ijo Nation with my music to international level and am a documented beneficiary of this amnesty program. Non of the beneficiaries from my camp as ever being trained in this program and two persons i know from the camp went through the back door to train themselves. These people didn’t give us listening ears but paid hundreds of millions of Naira to a lady that lives in her comfort zone. God will judge you guys.

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I call on our leaders to please forgive we the youth whatever area we might offend you and let the right things be done.

All state Governors, federal appointees, traditional rulers, stakeholders and all the generals should know that the amnesty office is in the wrong direction and I believed most of you know this. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH let do the right thing for just once.

Begry Itanemi Hero

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